Thursday, December 4, 2014

West Flint Opti News

President Jack opened the meeting with a resounding ring. We had another nearly full house with 25 members present. Jack was seeking a volunteer tail twister and if there were crickets, you would have heard them. That is until Mic noticed Dr. Jack on the way in! Mic promptly volunteered. Of course Dr. Jack did his usual fantastic job of collecting fines. Tough duty to extract dimes form Greg and George!

Greg proposed some dumb fine to start things off related to my wardrobe malfunction. My coat zipper was causing me distress this am, and Greg fined me for something related to that, but it didn’t make a ton of sense. So, of course I fined him for his dumb fine – I know dumb fines!

Important Announcements

Ken Sr. was in possession of the crown by auction and used his authority to get everyones attention to come and party tonight. A room is booked at Ruggerro’s for the club Christmas party. Bring your spouse. Contact Ken at 810-733-8153 if you can make it, or just show up.

If you are providing gifts for the MSD Christmas party, get them to Jack. Put the child’s name on the gift please.

Stephanie hosted a $5,000 Raffle meeting after the regular meeting. Seven of us gathered and discussed plans for next year’s event. I think we have new invigorated energy in this event and look for great things to come out of this committee. Look for a weekly update and monthly planning meeting to keep us informed and on track.

Speaker Chair J Lo

J Lo introduced Elizabeth Ruediger of Shelter of Flint. Shelter of Flint is a nonprofit that houses approximately 70 people each night in an emergency shelter.

Did you know that the average age of a homeless person is 7????

Shelter of Flint also owns and operates three apartment complexes. Rosewood Riverside, Rosewood Manor and Rosewood Park were developed and operated by them. Of the 400 total units, 60 are set aside for shelter families.

What makes Shelter of Flint different is that they keep families together in one room. The average stay is three weeks. They focus on helping people transition into permanent housing. Their success rate is 88% that leave to a permanent destination. Many families are forced from their home by high utility and water expenses.

They receive over 600 calls per month for assistance, the need is great.

The first Wednesday of each month they offer a tour of their facilities and free lunch from noon till 1pm.

Their only fundraising event is May 19th at Holiday Inn Gateway from 7:30am till 8:30am.

To learn more about the Shelter of Flint, visit their website:

Upcoming Events:

  • Christmas Party – Tonight 6pm Ruggeros
  • MSD Christmas with Santa – Dec 18th 8am


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