As we begin the holiday season, I am asking you to think back to the time when you were a child in school.  Do you remember one of your classmates as the “poor kid” or the “shy kid” or the kid that didn’t have the right clothes and school supplies?  Of course you do; every class has them.  Just think for a moment how that child felt about the approaching holidays.  Everyone is talking about where they are going and what they will be having at their Thanksgiving dinner and this child is just hoping that they will get to have dinner.  As classmates talk about what they want for presents, this child would like to have a warm coat and clothes that fit.  This child would like to be able to give a present to their baby sister, but does not have the funds to purchase a gift.  Just think of what a difference an Optimist member could make in the life of this child!

We know that for every Optimist Member we have that 35 children’s lives are impacted, but do we know how many children need us?  I am asking you to join me in working to make sure that the children who need us have our help. Also, share with at least one other person that special feeling you get when you help someone else by asking them to become a part of your Club.  In the spirit of this season of giving, we are giving you the opportunity to help us help more children by doing the following:

Any new Member added between December 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015 will have the $15 new Member fee waived.

It is my hope that as we celebrate the season of giving, we offer more people the opportunity to bring out the best in kids, their communities and themselves by being Optimists.

Happy Holidays!

Ken Garner
Optimist International President