West Flint Optimist Club

4-21-16 Newsletter


Karyn Miller, Flint Township Supervisor and frequent guest speaker, talked with us today about her role in the community. One of three full-time personnel (the other two being Clerk and Treasurer), in conjunction with four Trustees, she helps to oversee the Township’s decisions, activities, development, and administration. Her specific areas of responsibility include Assessment, Building, Police (with 41 people), Fire (with 9 full-time and 23 part-time personnel), and Finance department oversight, and she is the Purchasing Agent for the Township (albeit with a $5,000 personal discretionary limit). In her tenure to date, the Township has upgraded and improved the efficiency of software and data management for purposes of bill payment, inspection scheduling, and real estate transactions. An expanded and less costly recycling program has been contracted, streetlights are being converted to more efficient LED technology, and schedules of road repairs have been set with the County. (Flint Twp. Has no DPW and no trucks/equipment for these repairs or streetlight monitoring/replacement.) Panhandling and “Roundabout/Rotary/Traffic Circle” controversies remain unresolved.

Art Ridley stood in for last week’s winner Bob Gaines to sell “50/50” tickets before the meeting rang to order with President Jeff Dennings’ gavel. The Prez asked Dave Drabill to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and Dave’s sense of humor cost him a fine for starting with “Promise yourself”, Ken Cullen tried to regain decorum with the invocation, but the quieter and more somber tone did not last. Dan Crannie proposed a fine against anyone not spending the next week in Florida, Greg Hilliker paid a “red stuff” fine, Chris Reed paid for bringing his wife Emily in as today’s only guest and trying to pass it off as “a nice meal out with your husband”. Jack Proffitt conveyed Lt. Gov. Cherryl Thames’ request fo help unloading a shipment of drinking water to a Flint charter academy, Joe Bushey won the morning’s 50/50 pot, and the fines were closed early in order to call a “Special Board Meeting” regarding CANUSA funding: $1200 for lunch arrangements and $400 for sponsorship of 5 youth were passed by the vote, after which Speaker Chair Mic Goulet introduce our guest speaker, Karyn Miller.


Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner on  April 24 (Bill Hentgen has tickets, sign-up to volunteer.)

Club sponsorship of new JOOI Club at Swartz Creek High School with the organizational meeting on 4-28-16

Whaley’s “Tux & Tennies Gala & Auction” is set for 5:30-11:30 p.m. on May 14 at Grand Blanc Motorcar.

Swartz Creek Hometown Days  from June 2-5 (Club has a table reserved in the vendor  tent. Art Ridley is getting additional information, and tickets for the “31-Day Raffle” are waiting to be sold as part of this event. See Jeff Dennings about this, and SELL!)

Walt Widder Memorial Golf Scramble at Dutch Hollow in Durand on Saturday, September 24. (Proceeds to the Club; Posters and team registration forms available)

“$5K Raffle, 30th Anniversary” is scheduled for Atlas Valley on October 22, 2016.

Until next time,

“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker