Tickets will soon be on sale for a 31 Day Raffle being put on by West Flint Optimist Club.

The raffle will pay one lucky ticket holder every day throughout the month of July. Tickets are numbered 000 to 999 and costs just $10 each. The daily winner will be determined by the holder of the stub matching the Michigan Lottery Evening 3-Digit Straight. In the unlikely event that the ticket matching the daily 3 number has not been sold then a stub from the tickets sold will be drawn to determine a winner.

Although this raffle idea is new to the West Flint Club, it is not an original concept. Jeff Dennings, President-Elect of the club, stole the idea from Central Macomb Optimist Club at the last District meeting in Grand Rapids. Please help us support the youth of our community by purchasing some tickets. Contact the West Flint Optimist Club for more information.