Historic News for West Flint Optimist Club

In the absence of a P.R. chair our updating of the official record has been amiss. That is why this is such tremendous news! I fully expect to recruit some serious help to move the programs and goals of West Flint Optimist Club (WFOC) forward. The dramatic event that has inspired this round of Optimism was instigated by a loooong time member – May of 1972 – Lynn Eastman.

For perspective, let’s go back to those days gone by. The WFOC was formed in 1963 by a handful of local businessmen primarily. The club grew over the years and has done great work. Many of our early members are still “active” with the club – a relative term. You see, they are old men. Tired, Used Up. Sure, they spout great ideas – “remember when” is a phrase I’d like to banish. Don’t get me wrong, these are great guys. They do offer a vast source of wisdom and encouragement – even Optimism! The WFOC is active in a number of areas including Special Olympics, Children’s Miracle Network, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Michigan School of the Deaf and Blind, The Bridge Family Days, Whaley Children and more  is supported by donations, such as Special Days Camp that helps children with cancer – and their siblings. So let’s not take anything away from the last fifty years. Good stuff. But we want to do more and many club members like myself don’t have the secretary, corporate paid dues or fat salaries of days gone by. We need to adapt as we scratch out an existence in the “new economy.”

IMG_2534So what was this event that Lynn inspired and how will it change everything?

If you read closely, you will note that the WFOC was all men. Even after Optimist International opened up to women members decades ago.

Lynn recruited Stephanie Eastman. Stephanie works for Red Cross and fortunately is use to hanging around her dad, so isn’t scared away by the morning banter. With Stephanie as an active member we can begin to recruit more women into the club and they are sure to take over from us old guys – organizing us and making things happen.

So sincere thanks to Lynn for making the dramatic change to WFOC. I look forward to bigger and better things in the future for Flint’s Children!

Yours in Optimism,

Dave Crabill