Walt Witter led us in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning.  Greg Hilliker provided the opening prayer.

Fines were opened by Prez Jack and the crown auctioned off, as our King Matt was not in attendance.  Ken Cullen won the bid for the crown which gave him amenity from all fines and any he proposed were automatic.

50/50 Winner was Phil Holmblade (again!). Amazing how those BFOC tickets keep producing BFOC winners!

Meeting Notes

Nut Sale is in final stages, so get those orders from your customers.  Money can be collected at the time of delivery, unless your customers prefers to pay early.  Please bring your orders to this week’s meeting and give them to Jim Cole on October 30th.

Jeff Dennings was our speaker chair for today, introducing our speaker lined up by Joe Bushey.  Our speaker was Brian Tietz from the MTA Flint.

The MTA has a millage request on the ballot this fall. They have been operating on the same millage dollars since 1996.  Over the past few years they have lost $3.4 million per year due to the reduction in property taxes. The millage request is 0.4125 over a 5-yr. period.  If the millage does not pass they will need to cut services and reduce staff.

The minibuses they have carry 100-120 passengers per day.  The current bus line is made up of electric, diesel, and natural gas vehicles (16 new ones).

In 2008 the MTA spent $2.6 million on diesel fuel.  In 2013 they spent only $750k on diesel due to the hybrids in the fleet.

Approximately 3,00o people who ride the bus line work out of the County.  The MTA has an operating agreement with other counties for transportation services.

In 2013 the MTA had 6.2 million passengers use their services.

Current fares are $1.25 Bus fare one way, $2.25 one way Your Ride fare anywhere in the county (Your Ride was started in 1998 at $1.00 one way), a student pass fare is $40 per month.

For more information on the MTA go to http://mtaflint.org.

Optimist Creed led by Stephanie Eastman.


  • Sell, sell those nuts! Orders due October 30th!
  • District Q1 Meeting on Nov 4th in Southfield.

Respectfully yours in Optimism,
Phil Holmblade