15 members attended this morning’s meeting to hear our speaker and take part in the festivities!  Lynn Eastman tried to fine everyone for not spending a month in FL like he did, but that attempt went down in flames.  He should take lessons from his daughter, who successfully fined everyone who did NOT attend Saturday’s Oratorical contest at the Boys ‘n Girls club (which was most of the club). Looks like Stephanie has learned the “fine” art of raising REAL money for the club, Lynn!  The Eastman family basically monopolized the fines this a.m., and we appreciate their added contributions to the treasury!  J-Lo won the 50/50 and kindly donated his half back to the club’s general fund. Thanks, John!

Dave and Greg gave us a brief outline of Saturday’s events at the Oratorical contest, and it sounds like it was a success despite some rough edges that need to be worked on before next year’s event.  Dave also mentioned the idea of having the local clubs host a community fundraising event with the Harlem Ambassador basketball team and possibly several members of the famous Flintstones.  More to come on that.

Our speaker this a.m. was Chuck Melki.  He is well-known as a former 30-year policeman with the Genesee Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and the Clayton Twp. Police Dept.  Chuck is the local expert and current trainer for those wishing to obtain a CPL license in this area.  Once called a “Carrying a Concealed Weapons” Permit (CCW), it is now known as a Concealed Pistol License, or CPL. The training consists of an 8-hour class taught by Chuck at the Gabriel Pistol Range located at 3304 S. Linden Rd. in Flint.  He provided detail on the 17 requirements to obtain a CPL, the “do’s and don’ts” of the CPL laws, and on those who may and may not obtain permits, etc…

Chuck provided too much detail to even attempt to cover here, but if interested, you can contact him at the above location, or by calling 810-820-8220, or by emailing him at chuck.melki@yahoo.com .

In the meantime, Promise yourself…….