Sounds familiar, but Stephanie once again monopolized the fines this a.m., but this time she was on the receiving end most of the time.  You just have to learn to turn over those dimes with a more cheerful countenance, Stephanie!  I’m sure Pete and/or Greg can help you learn that process!  Our famed tail-twister won this week’s $18.00 50/50 pot.  Congrats, Jack!

Since he didn’t arrange for a REAL speaker this a.m., Jack Proffit asked Mic to address the club regarding this year’s golf outing.  As you should now be aware, Matt Frye has resigned from the club and will not be available this year to co-chair the outing with Mic.  Mic has done a wonderful job of organizing our outing for many years, but is finally to the point of needing someone to take over the responsibility.  In looking at the past several years’ outings, he has determined that the bulk of the revenue generated actually comes from the club’s own members.  Members provide most of the hole sponsorships, many of the door prizes, and probably comprise almost 50% of the players in the outing, especially if we include family members, spouses, etc…  We usually raise somewhere around $2500 from the event after all expenses are paid.

Given those facts, Mic proposed (and those in attendance supported his idea) that he would contact every club member this week to determine if each would consider making a simple cash donation to the club in lieu of holding an actual outing this summer.  For those members who would still like to get together and golf, we could plan a simple outing somewhere fairly close one day, possibly after one of our morning breakfast meetings, and maybe go out for dinner afterward somewhere – at the member’s own expense.

We currently have 32 members on the OI roster.  If each member donated $75 to the club, that would raise $2400, and would save a tremendous amount of work for the organizer(s) of our golf outing.  Some members may be unable to do so, and some may be able to do even more, but it appears to be a reasonable way to try to maintain the club’s needed revenue while eliminating a LOT of work by only one or two people.  So – when Mic calls you this week, let him know what you can do toward this goal of $2400.  Better yet, maybe you can call him and save him a lot of telephone calls!!  I’m sure he would appreciate that!


5/3 Dodgeball tournament at Boys ‘n Girls Club (10:00 a.m.)
5/6 Law Day at the GASC Weekdays Restaurant (Noon) (Club pays for lunch if you attend.  You pay if you get a ticket but don’t attend.)
5/15-16 Convention in Bay City (hosting State Oratorical contest)

Dues invoices have been mailed for April – June dues.  Please pay ASAP, as we are skinny in the General Fund!

Thanks for your patience!!!!