We had 17 enthusiastic optimists present for our meeting this morning. Dave Crabill brought 2 guests: Brian and Beth Allen. Mic had David Gaines as a guest.

There will be no board meeting this month. The exploratory committee for the merger of downtown and wfoc is continuing to get questions answered to move this forward. The Special Olympics was cancelled due to the wet field at Carmen Middle School.

Crystal Arp came to introduce Zoie Sky to our group. Crystal is a stay-at-home mom and a youth pastors wife. She told us that Zoie Sky provides bedrooms for children who otherwise would not have one. They spend an average of $2000/project. They help children age birth to 17. They do 24 projects a year; each takes about a month to complete. They did 3 bedrooms at the Whaley House and also the living room at the Whaley main campus. They do painting, brand new furniture including a twin bed, dresser, and accessories. They have made over 150 kids very happy since they began. Keep up the good work Crystal.

Have a beautiful week. See you soon!

Ken Cullen