Hon. Joe Farah and Ron Ballard were late to WFOC this morning.  I want to thank Joe for taking the time to run downtown to get Ron out of lock-up so that he could have a hot breakfast.  It was good to see Ron after his incarceration.

Norm Myers got the ‘first to club’ award this morning.  Apparently, he was concerned about sitting in his same seat.

Jack Proffits wife just had surgery.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  I understand that Jack is having trouble locating the ‘ON’ switch on the vacuum.

Calling all golfers.  There are seventeen registered golfers for next Thursdays outing at Copper Ridge.  If you are interested in joining WFOC, contact Mic Goulet at 810.230.2727 ASAP.

Board Meeting of all Board Meetings.  Going old-school and back to the Honorable Judge Joe Farah home for steak and Hagen Das bars.  This is always a fun event.  Make sure that Joe knows you’re coming so that he can prepare.

Companies Feeding Families – Frank Farmer spoke at our club about this opportunity for businesses to join this cause to get food from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to the needy in Genesee County.  On July 23, Superior | Frankenmuth Travel Service participated and I can say that this was an incredible event of which we fed 190 families with over 12,000 lbs. of food.  Please keep this in mind as a possibility for a future WFOC project or any of your businesses.  See me for more details on upcoming dates.

Pete Venos won the 50/50 raffle.  Surprisingly, maybe NOT surprisingly he made no donation back to the club.

Todays speaker was Pam Bailey from ‘The Y’ a.k.a. YMCA.  Www.flintymca.org

Pam is the Director of Fund Raising and Public Relations.  The YMCA was founded in 1879.  Many don’t know that basketball, racquetball and volleyball were started a the YMCA.  Charles S. Mott was the first President.

The Y is open to all ages and is family-friendly with multiple camps and serves those of whom have disabilities.  With 2,200 locations, The Y has 800 swimming pools and puts swimming safety at the highest if importance.

Financial assistance is provided to those that may not be able to afford camps or membership.

Last thoughts – who’s missing?  If there is a member that you haven’t seen in a while, please pick up the telephone or drop them an email and invite them back.  The club needs them.

Until next week, promise yourself…..

John Schmitt