Matt Mrasek led us in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning followed by a prayer by Lynn Eastman.

Fines were opened and it didn’t take long for our President to get fined for losing control of the meeting. The best fine of the day was passed unanimously for those of us not running the Crim this coming weekend. The morning’s stupid fine belonged to John Losinski who decreed a presidential fine for us all to remember him as a kind and caring king (ha).

Meeting Notes

Breakfast Optimist joined us this morning and will meet here until their club closes on September 30th.

President Greg Hilliker reminded us all that Joseph Farah’s address is 5189 Warwick Woods, Grand Blanc and that our meeting is this evening at 6:00 PM.

Speaker Chair for September was divided amongst four members.

Downtown Optimist, Mike Murphy, sent word through Dave Crabill that Whaley Children’s Center needs sponsorship money for children to go Camp Copneconic. We will be discussing at tonight’s board meeting.

Jeff Dennings passed around a sheet with our member directory information on it. The information that he has is from the Zone List provided by Optimist International and may be out of date. He is requesting that we all update our information.

Dave Crabill announced that he has room for another person to attend the District Convention in Kalamazoo this weekend.

Raffle tickets were discussed. Only 6 tickets have money turned in for a total of $900 for our $5,000 Raffle.

Walt Widder made an announcement again that club dues may now be paid annually.

Tom Muldoon won this morning’s 50/50 drawing for half of $36.

Guest Speaker

Walt Widder was not able to arrange a speaker for us this morning. We were blessed by the presence of Katrina Khouri for showing up to deliver a display for our Optimist Zone Meetings and she agreed to stay and update us on the happenings at Whaley Children’s Center.

Katrina reminded us all of their Paint Our Town Blue campaign. Please visit their website by clicking here for more information.

Summer School for the children just ended. When Flint Schools end their residential school kicks in to assist the children with catching up on the basic subjects. She also told us that it help keep consistency in their lives. The summer program is a half day of books and then they partnered with the CRIM Foundation for a program called Fit Kids for the other half of the day. Depending on the age of the children, they would have one or the other in the morning and then switch in the afternoon. The Fit Kids program was started last year and has been a hugh success. The kids are taught health and wellness in the classroom portion and they have a minimum of three hours each week doing exercises of some type. They learn basketball, yoga and running and walking.

Monday, September 8th is the Whaley Golf Classic. Katrina expects to see us all there. For more information visit

Katrina also gave special recognition to ,our member, Dan Crannie for being awarded Volunteer of the Year at their recent Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. She told us that we should invite people to take a tour of Whaley because when they visit, they end up getting involved either by volunteering or financially.

PS On a special side note: Katrina rocks because she graduated from University of Michigan – Flint majoring in Marketing.


Reminders were given as follows:

  • All members are reminded to SELL, SELL, SELL $5,000 Raffle Tickets
  • 9/8/14 Whaley Golf Classic


Respectfully yours in optimism,
Jeff Dennings