Jeff Dennings led us in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning followed by a prayer by Ken Cullen.

Fines were opened just in time to fine Stephanie once again for arriving late. John Losinski, acting like a real king, dominated in levying fines. We all suffered his wrath.

Meeting Notes

President Greg Hilliker read an email from Joe Bushey, President of the Breakfast Optimist Club. It detailed the remaining steps for transferring their funds to us. They are going to continue to meet weekly separately until their September 3rd Board Meeting, after which they will be joining our club full time.

Raffle tickets were discussed with a small amount of disappointment. Only 54 tickets of the 150 have been checked out with only eight weeks remaining until our $5,000 Raffle.

Jeff Dennings informed us of more changes he has made to our website. He has added a directory that will not only allow us to have a picture of all our members, but we can also post a link to our webpage. We all decided to get head-shot photos while we are at the morning meeting.

On a Rock¬† Star note, West Flint Optimist Club member Dan Crannie from Signs by Crannie was awarded the prestigious honor of Volunteer of the Year by Whaley Children’s Center on Wednesday at their annual Volunteer Picnic. This was really something special because Dan actually received the award 15 years ago and it is usually only given to a person once. Congratulations Dan!

John Losinski won this morning’s 50/50 drawing for half of $16. Pete was not present to donate his half back to the club.

Guest Speaker

Treasurer Walt Widder, who is also the Speaker Chair for August made arrangements to also be the speaker. Walt handed out a Perpetual Fund, Youth Fund and General Fund Report. Special thanks were extended to Mic Goulet for arranging donations from all the people that normally participate in the golf outing. The donations added over $2500 to our General Fund which was in desperate need.

Joe Bushey arrived and gave a more detailed explanation of his email. Breakfast Optimist Club will be transferring $6,000 to be set aside in a Canusa Game Perpetual Fund, approximately $5,000 to our Youth Fund and the remaining balance to our General Fund. Joe wants us to discuss not having their annual nut sale since it would compete with our $5,000 Raffle. He also said some of their member would be willing to sit on our Board, but he doesn’t think anyone would be interested in being an officer.


Prior to reciting our Creed, reminders were given as follows:

  • President Elect Jack Proffit to start arrangements for the Installation Banquet and to make arrangements for his Board.
  • All members are invited to our August Board Meeting to enjoy a steak dinner at Judge Farah’s house on August 21st.
  • All members are reminded to SELL, SELL, SELL $5,000 Raffle Tickets

Respectfully yours in optimism,
Jeff Dennings