A quick update to let you know that Townsquare Media (CARS108, Club 93.7, US 103.1, Banana 101.5 & WFNT) and TV5 have signed on as media partners for the Bottled Water Drive.  We have officially set the event for Friday, October 9th from 7am-7pm at the Genesee Valley Center.  We have been working to solicit donations from our partners in advance of the event and we have already secured commitments for over 500 cases of water!  Townsquare Media is currently working to secure a truck for transport of the water as well as a partner to pallet and wrap the donations to expedite the delivery process.  In the event we are not able to pallet the water, we may need additional volunteers to aid us in unloading the water at Flint Community Schools.  I hope to have an answer on that tomorrow.

So, at this point we know we will need a minimum of 2-4 volunteers to help us throughout the day on Friday.  We will have a volunteer area set up for breaks with complimentary coffee from Coffee Beanery and we will provide lunch as well. Use the sign up sheet below to volunteer.

For more information on the event, Genesee Valley Center has created an event on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/events/770531329725938/), posted the event on their website (http://www.geneseemall.com/event/bottled-water-drive/2145462683) and they have sent out an email blast to their email database.

We will finalize our press release to include the Optimist International as our volunteer partner and we will make the addition to our web and social media posts.  We also have a flyer in development that I will forward to you, feel free to share as you see fit.

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