Jim Fuller, teacher at Swartz Creek High School, brought the Swartz Creek Competitive Mock Trial Team to speak at our meeting today. After describing the Mock Trail activities, roles, and processes, Jim introduced his team members: “Veterans” Jackson, Andrew, and Hannah; Underclass “newbies” Madeline and Adrianna. (Another Team member, Jason Van Tol, could not be here this morning but is known to our Club through the Essay and Oratorical presentations.)This remarkable group of students spoke of their competitive process, chances to “shadow” local judges, hours of practice and strategic planning, feedback from professional court personnel, and their admiration for their coach/mentor/teacher, Mr. Fuller. Several of the Club members commented on how the poise and intelligence of the young folks renewed and refreshed our confidence in the future leadership of our community.

Jeff Dennings introduced Mr. Fuller, having opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance on cue from President Peter Venos. Jack Proffitt gave a brief (and audible) prayer before the 30 attendees (including guests Carole Dennings, Emily Reed, Jane Wensko, and Mock Trial alum Keith and his mother, Julia) sat down to breakfast and fining each other:

  • Joe Bushey fined the hirsute Lynn Eastman for excess exposure.
  • Ken Cullen paid fines for eating before the Queen, Bonnie Kelley, and before anyone else had even been served!
  • When Ken countered with a fine against the Northerly table for being on a diet, he was fined for speaking with his mouth full.
  • Dave Crabill proposed a fine against last week’s “50/50” winner Phil Holmblade for failing to sell Dave a ticket for this week’s drawing.
  • Matt Mrasek fined Greg Hilliker for his “James Comey” impersonation (note-taking for later use).
  • Patrick Naswell fined Phil Holmblade for “counting the money out loud” (saying nothing about his shoes being off to aid the calculations).
  • Joe Farah was charged with fines for “lunch” attendance, ignoring Jeff Denning’s emails, and showing the rest of us up (especially Lynn Eastman) with his natty attire.

Jeff Dennings and Patrick Naswell accepted a check from Jane Wensko and Carole Dennings for $126, raised by the Dragons (JOOI) Club for Hurley. (Thanks, Dragons!)

After Art Ridley won this week’s “50/50” drawing, Joe Bushey led in the Creed recitation to close out the meeting.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…