West Flint Breakfast Optimist Club Newsletter


Paul Rozycki, well-known local “celebrity” and retired Mott Community College political science professor, talked with the Club about the current political arena and near-term prospects. He noted that the current President has, indeed, beefed up the job market, particularly for “pundits, fact-checkers, and comedians”! Donald Trump might not have been expected to win the Presidential election in light of “splitting the Republican Party”, “offending everybody”, “losing” the televised debates, receiving virtually no meaningful endorsements, having no “ground game” organization, and having less fundraising success, an abrasive and bombastic personality, and a weak resume without military, government, or other public service. Nevertheless, a public clamor for change, the difficulty in pulling off a “3-in-a row” party presidential victory, a “shallow bench” of alternatives, backups, and surrogates in the Democratic Party, Trump’s amazing domination of the press attention and space (to the tune of $3 B of free publicity), momentum of voting habits and identities, and Hillary Clinton’s weak campaigning, legacy of scandal, and perceived “pocket-lining” while out of office, all contributed to “the Forgotten Man” anger and Electoral College anomalies that resulted in Trump’s inauguration. Mr. Rozycki now asserts that the Democrats cannot be effective in winning back the seats with an “Anti-Trump” posture, and that the Republican stratagem of building successful local election domination through local responsiveness, economic responsibility rhetoric, and redistricting and funding patterns is likely to present the opposition with a formidable challenge. This is despite the absence of rationality, consistency, and transparency, and integrity in the highest office and nominal party leader. Stay tuned!

Standing in for President Peter Venos this morning,  Incoming President Crystuffer Reed called the meeting to order, had Matt Mrasek lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Proffitt say grace. Bill Hentgen bought the Crown for a pittance and began to administer fines against all those not wearing ties around their necks to ward off evil spirits, those who have not taken up residence at Flint Cultural Center, and those who were not planning to shoot skeet this weekend in the name of a humanitarian charity! Ken Cullen attempted a fine against Crys, failing to note the wannabe President’s clear disregard for democratic process on prior fines, including a fine against King Bill for paying too much attention to Jeff Dennings’ legs and “funny hair”. Jeff was fined for use of his cell phone during the meeting, and Greg Hilliker and Patrick Naswell were both assessed blatantly unwarranted penalties for “hassling the TailTwister” (Jack Medemar). The $11 “50/50” pot for the morning went to Steve Schlott, who thanked the guest speaker for the draw and thanked Dave Crabill for designing the logos for shirts and hats (still available for purchase, but just until June 28, at (http://optimistsinaction.com/wfoc-shirts-hats/). John Losinski closed with the Creed.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”