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WFOC-12-11-14-Andy-Younger-Crim (3)President Jack opened the meeting with a resounding ring. Well, I assume so, as I was on my way to the meeting at the time. I rolled over at 7:11 a.m. and scrambled to get there! Stephanie invited me to the Easterly table with her guest Angie Cuneaz from The Whiting. Yep, Stephanie beat me to club and brought a guest! Angie is even filling out a membership application! Great job Stephanie!

It turns out I wasn’t the last to arrive to our meeting. Judge Joe snuck in a bit after 8am to listen to our speaker. I think that is his ploy to avoid fines!

Important Announcements

The Christmas Party at Ruggeros went well.

If you have not turned in Christmas presents for any MSD kids on your list, do it soon or be there early next week!

Fun was had at The Worlds Greatest Office Party the same night. Looked like a successful event for Whaley.

Speaker Chair J Lo

WFOC-12-11-14-Andy-Younger-Crim (1)J Lo introduced Andy Younger, race director of the Crim Fitness Foundation. Andy didn’t make us do any calisthenics, which was a relief. He did talk about initiatives that the Crim Foundation is taking to get kids active. They received a grant from The Mott Foundation to create a community school training program. They work with several schools to create a hub of activity. They were selected for their ability to partner with organizations.  The pilot program was created at Brownell Holmes Elementary School.

We can take some action by posting or tweeting pictures of us being active or eating healthy with the hash tag #CrimHealtyHolidays

Also, Andy encouraged us to claim an 1/8 mile section of the Crim for a cheering section we can brand. Sounds like fun!

They have some events coming up: 2/21 Run Your Ice Off 5k is the next one.

Visit www.Crim.org for more information.

Upcoming Events:

  • MSD Christmas with Santa – Dec 18th 8am


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