West Flint Optimist Club – 6/29/17 Newsletter

Andrew Grocholski from the Metro Police Authority of Genesee County, came with his K9 tracking dog, Roscoe, to speak with us this morning about their work. Roscoe, “high-energy Spotter” German Shepherd originally from Holland and multilingual, was originally bought for the County by Sonitrol for about $8,000 and with a $4,000 education, is one of 13 or 14 canine unit dogs in the County. Each of these mostly male animals has a particular specialization, a 6-7 year projected active working career, a few key commands generally not used by “bad guys”, and little pay for a high-risk career: 14 % increased risk of shooting incidents when dogs are on the scene, and inhalants that can harm or kill humans and aren’t good for dogs, either, are hazards. Judge Joe Farah and Officer Grocholski carried on an intriguing interchange on the rules of “illegal search and seizure” and “expert witness” status with respect to non-human detection, apprehension, and prosecution, while the dog had eggs for breakfast.

Mic Goulet led in the Pledge to the U.S. flag and Jack Proffitt spoke the invocation after President Peter Venos did the “Ding Thing” to open this morning’s meeting. Her Majesty Queen Bonnie Kelley emulated many of the more recent monarchs in holding the Crown but remaining largely silent. Meanwhile, her subjects wreaked havoc on each other: Jack Proffitt fined John Losinski for making Patrick Naswell look prompt, and everyone else in the Club who used more than two wheels to travel to the meeting. (Prez Pete thought that he should be exempt because of a few high-speed corners he took on the way in!) Jack Medemar fined the entire Club for failure to wear neckwear, and Patrick, still smarting from Jack Proffitt’s two fines, retaliated with one against anyone wearing riding leathers to breakfast. After a few other fines that generated $9 from the 17 people present, Phil Holmblade took the “50/50” ticket award and discussed the shirt and cap orders. Crystuffer Reed closed the meeting with the Creed after the speaker was finished speaking and his dog finished his special breakfast.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…