Our most recent guest speaker, Deb Hawley from St. Francis Prayer Center, with President Greg Hilliker

Early in the month, Pat Peters from Special Olympics was here to share with 12 members about their ongoing efforts and the changes and complications necessitated by Covid19. We gave her a check for the program in lieu of our usual hazardous in the softball throw event. 

On the 17th, Mic Goulet arranged to have Debra Hawley visit from St. Francis Prayer Center to describe the history, service population, challenges, and rewards work at the Center. She noted that their largest annual “Reach for the Stars” fundraiser ($5000 Raffle and Live and Silent Auction) would be going “virtual” this year on  Saturday, September 26. Some of us “donations’ and tickets right in the meeting.

On the 24th, after Mic tricked some of our dozen members (3 “virtual”) into reciting the Creed rather than the Pledge, the Club recognized our terrific Board for this year, voted for Mic Goulet to receive the “Ron Polsgrove Optimist of the Year” honors and watched as Steve Schlott was given the “Charlie Gafney Award for Outstanding Service.”  Those duped by Mic paid fines for their “autopilot” conduct, Bill Reaves paid for coming in for a luncheon meeting, and Dan Crannie gave the results of his informal political poll. After a brief review of the most recent virtual Optimist Convention, orchestrated behind the scenes by our own Jeff DenningsPresident Greg passed the Presidential gavel to Jack Proffitt, pleasing Judge Joe Farah with a “peaceful transition of power”.

John Losinski is still awaiting surgery, Ken Cullen is isolating so as to prepare himself for his lady friend’s transplant surgery and recuperation, Mic Goulet‘s wife’s cataract surgeries were successful, and Bill Hentgen is due to be discharged from the hospital, albeit with 24-hour care coverage (through our own Bonnie Kelley‘s business).

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”