In the absence of a guest speaker this morning, we had an interesting discussion about a possible role in assisting our community in the context of the nationally publicized water crisis. Members generated and considered several options and Dave Crabill even brought our Lt. Gov. Mike Murphy into the discussion via speaker phone. Further information regarding a possible institutional-scale filtration system for local schools will be acquired before specific plans are brought before the Board.

100 Firebird Hockey tickets are going to be made available (50 for Whaley kids and caregivers; 50 for us to sell) for an upcoming game, Dave Crabill organized a “Churchill’s dinner and Firebirds game” event this weekend, and the Club is scheduled to sell 50/50 fundraising tickets at next Saturday’s (2-6-16) Firebirds game.

President Jeff Dennings wielded the gavel to open this morning’s meeting, asked Jim Carney to lead in the Pledge and Greg Hilliker to give an audible invocation, then auctioned the Crown to Jim Carney for $1.25! This was one of the larger fund-raisers this morning in light of the sparse (12) member attendance. Our own Dan Crannie paid fines for bragging on his Public Relations prowess and for failing to mention the Optimists in his most recent “celebrity” exposure, and Jim Carney managed to levy enough fines to add to his eventual 50/50 drawing winnings.

The next Club Board Meeting is set for 2-11-16 at 6:00 p.m. at the usual location.

Until next time,

“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker