West Flint Optimist Club Newsletter – 10/12/17

The gathering of 19 members were supervised by President Crys Reed, and he, in turn, was supervised by his wife and our guest Emily, in the usual opening ceremonies before we sang a rather pathetic “Happy Birthday” to our IHOP waitress, Lisa. Past President Peter Venos, enjoying the lax pace of his changed status, arrived late for the meeting and avoided the dreaded “kneel or stand”¬† dilemma associated with the Flag Pledge. Joe Farah also arrived and practically “tackled” Kim Banat when she followed him into the meeting, John Losinski gave Mic Goulet a necklace (as if Mic needed more!), and Patrick Naswell bragged about his (Pat’s) “looking better than ever!” -strange dynamic! Pete read a letter of appreciation he wrote to Walt Widder‘s family for their Golf Classic efforts and apologized for “being stupid” at one point, prompting Dan Crannie to note that “We are used to it!” The event generated a reported $8027 “for the kids” this year (more if Past Prez Pete “pays for his golf game”, per one of the witnesses to his performance). Jeff Dennings talked of the JOOI Club‘s upcoming service project – distributing snacks at this year’s Santa Run on December 2 (https://flintymca.com/special-events-2/santa-run/), but spoke so quietly that someone “thought Greg Hilliker was praying”. Ken Cullen commented, when he won the morning’s “50/50” drawing, that the Club “could hear ourselves think”, triggering Mic to remark, “so THAT’S what that is!” (Mic is obviously practicing for the Emcee role at the upcoming “$5K Raffle”.) Tickets are available for the Interservice Club Luncheon (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5zlcmtbcXRwNVJDVGtoMUdGNnM/view) and the Club will pay for members who attend but will charge those commit to a ticket and do not attend.

Other reminders: Board Meeting tonight at Dan Crannie’s business place; Jim Reigle will be collecting all money for $5K Raffle tickets next Thursday in advance of the event the following Thursday (10/26/17) at Atlas Valley; Phil Holmblade is taking orders again for a new batch of Club apparel; and next week’s Club meeting will be trying out the new location of Valley Breakfast & Bistro (https://m.facebook.com/Valleys-Breakfast-and-Bistro-122363241758216/) at 7:30 a.m. on 10/19/17.

Until then, “Promise Yourself…”