President Jeff opened our meeting this morning and invited Joe Bushey to lead us in the pledge of allegiance to our flag and country. Greg Hilliker provided the subdued invocation. We had nineteen members in attendance this morning.

In lieu of a program, we had a discussion on finalizing our $5K raffle this evening. Set-up will begin at 5 PM and anyone who can help out in addition to those who already committed are welcome to join us. We had 7 tickets unsold as of this morning. President Jeff suggested that we pick four of our youth sponsor programs and put their names on the ticket stubs. This suggestion was well received and we as group decided on Whaley Children’s Center, CANUSA, Boys & Girls Club, and Children’s Miracle Network.

Help is still needed in various areas during the event to sell tickets, man stations, assist guests, etc. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so calling or emailing Jeff or go to the website.

50/50 was won by Phil Holmblade.

Our meeting concluded with the Optimist Creed recital.

Submitted by: Phil Holmblade