West Flint Optimist Club Newsletter – 10/26/17 and 11/2/17


President Crys Reed arrived late for the meeting, accompanying John Losinski after the Pledge and Prayer that started the meeting with Jack Proffitt as Prez Pro Tem. (“I must hurry and catch up to them for I am their leader!”) Phil Holmblade again wore the Crown and was teased for propping it on the top of his head with his ears. The subtly snazzy Bill Hentgen wore another of his special shirts to the meeting of 18 and was accordingly fined. “Doctor Jack” Medemar levied a fine against Mic Goulet for “looking like he thinks he exercises”, and Greg Hilliker paid a fine for grousing about the absence of democratic process in the proceedings. The sole focus of serious discussion of the morning was the night’s long-awaited $5K Raffle and Dinner, with last-minute refinements discussing free ticket/dinner availabilities to several of our pet projects (Whaley Childrens Center, CANUSA Games, Special Olympics, and Swartz Creek Special Ed programs) and Kayla Bright‘s brief presentation during tonight’s dinner. This will serve to familiarize guests with our Club’s support to and from the community and provide recruitment opportunities. Other related issues included planning and preparation for

  • transport and staging of Boards, aprons, and other materials;
  • purchases of 2 ticket rolls in 2 contrasting colors, and “drawing” envelopes;
  • drafting a Program/Bulletin with explanation of rules and prizes, schedule for evening and signal/plan for getting food and drinks, sponsor listing, Club and member info, etc., and making 200 copies;
  • printing sheets for tracking drawn numbers and winners;
  • making cash available for making change;
  • prizes and prices of Side Raffles (for Flat-screen TV, Gaines jewelry, and Porta-Party this year);
  • number and charges for 50/50 tickets sold at the event (and workers to sell, collect, count money, and tear tickets for the event);
  • workers to roll and draw, record and announce Big Money tickets and prepare and distribute money and/or checks for these and 12 SideBoard winners;
  • support desk attendants for latecomers and “will call” purchases;
  • and assigning tables/seats

Phil Holblade won the morning’s “50/50” pot and donated it back to the Club (freeing him from the task of selling next week’s tickets) and the Creed recitation ended  the morning’s meeting.

and 11/2/17

Dan Crannie assisted President Crys Reed in holding the American flag up for the Pledge, after which Jack Proffitt prayed for a good breakfast and our Club’s work with kids. Both Matt Mrasek and Bill Hentgen gravitated toward the mean in their dress this morning, seeking to blend in with the rest of us and each other; It is not often that we see Matt without a suit and tie or Bill without his mother’s upholstery. Patrick Naswell (in anticipation of the time change?) arrived very early for the Club meeting, and Bill Reaves came in late, hoping to upstage Patrick and Judge Joe Farah for the late arrival recognition. Acting TailTwister Jeff Dennings (proudly wearing his new “Lt. Gov.” badge) did not miss a chance to shake our newest member down for having no badge, no guest, no pin, no breakfast, etc.. Ron Ballard bragged on his talented granddaughter (for good reason) and Crys Reed thanked all of us (especially Mic Goulet and Jim Reigle) for work at last week’s $5K Raffle. Instead of an outside speaker, the 16 members present again focused on this major fundraising event and possible lessons and adjustments that can be considered for the future. Members are encouraged to share suggestions ideas with Jim Reigle, who is compiling his own list based on this year’s experience, and President Crys, who will have the responsibility for overseeing the bulk of next year’s fundraising. Some of the ideas bounced around today included

  • timing, preparing and smoothing Treasurer responsibilities with the Raffle as a key focus;
  • ensuring sound system quality at the event;
  • emphasizing early money submission (2 wks. prior to event, at latest);
  • disposing of trash so that valuable tickets and other materials don’t get mixed up with the detritus;
  • earlier distribution of tickets for earlier sales opportunities;
  • signs and descriptions of side raffle items;
  • speeding up the critical draw process;
  • developing other donation opportunities and encouragements;
  • prior announcement of “6 p.m. Cocktail/Social Hour” and “7 p,m. Dinner” to guests and waitstaff;
  • addressing “break-even” costs of dinner and dinner prices; and
  • DJ/entertainment/MC alternatives;

Prez Crys invited all to submit their thoughts and ideas as soon as possible, while thoughts are fresh, and Mic drew the winning “50/50′ pot for the day before Jeff Dennings led in reciting the Creed for dismissal.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

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