President Jeff called the meeting to order with 13 in attendance. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Ken Cullen led the invocation giving Greg Hilliker’s voice a well deserved rest.

The crown was auctioned off and went to Bill Hentgen for a mere $1.50. After a rousing round of fines, the 50/50 drawing was won by none other than Bill Hentgen who will net $6.00.

With the lack of a speaker for the morning, President Jeff got permission from those assembled to switch to “Board” mode and conduct the business slated for tonight’s meeting (which is no longer necessary & is cancelled).

Board Mtg called to order @ 7:43AM

Officers in attendance for the meeting were: Jeff Dennings, Pete Venos, Bill Hentgen, Dave Crabill, Ken Cullen, Jack Medemar, & Jack Proffitt

It was reiterated that at the last Board Mtg it was decided that the Club would pay for pancakes for kids & Parents. Any other orders or persons would be the responsibility of the those ordering.

Christmas Party – A survey only indicated that 7 members would be interested in attending if we went to a restaurant & paid for our own meal to save the club money. Greg Hilliker is checking with his wife to see if it would be possible to hold a Potluck party @ his house.

$5000 Raffle – Motion by Pete Venos : Authorize the club to pursue the $5000 Raffle at Atlas Valley Country Club, exact date to be determined. – Motion passes

31 Day Raffle – Motion by Dave Crabill: Print & sell tickets for a March “31Day Raffle”. – Motion passes – Jeff will get the license.

Chicken Dinner – around the 3rd week of April (Bill Hentgen will confirm exact date) – Motion by Ken Cullen to support the Chicken Dinner Fundraiser. – Motion passes

CanUSA Games – Motion by Ken Cullen to support Games as in the past – Motion passes – Details to be determined

Children’s Miracle Network Telethon – Motion to support – Motion passes

The Bridge Family Fun Dayz School Supplies – Motion to support – Motion Passes

Oratorical Contest – It has been suggested by Mike Murphy, Zone 9 Lt Governor, that Downtown Flint & Davison Clubs work with Boys & Girls Club as in the past and the WFOC partner with the new Flushing club & hold a separate contest for Swartz Creek & Flushing schools.

Whaley – History has become muddied through poor communication. Jeff is trying to clarify our commitment. He will check with Davison Club as to the budget & what is being requested of us.

Further business will be taken care of at the next Board Mtg’

Board Mtg adjourned @ 8:30AM

Club meeting closed with recital of the Optimist Creed.