Meeting Notes

J2015-01-29 08.10.07oe Bushey introduced our speakers Dan Berezny and Chris Daly from the CANUSA Games. For 57 years the CANUSA Games have provided the youth of our area an opportunity to take part in an international friendship Games between Hamilton, Ontario and Flint, Michigan, USA.

The Games are an Olympic style competition that began in 1958 with only 200 athletes competing in 7 sport areas. CANUSA currently brings together over 1400 athletes in 16 sports.

The venue for the games is alternated between Hamilton, Ontario and Flint, MI USA each year. Each competing “home team” athlete is required to host an athlete from the other country during the games. The CANUSA games cost approximately $150,000 to host and $180,000 to send athletes to Hamilton.

2015-01-29 08.02.05Recently, the main sponsor, City of Flint Schools, informed the games it would no longer be able to continue its sponsorship of $70,000 of those costs and replacement funds must be raised. The games primarily benefit the youth of this county who are under-served and may not be able to afford travel leagues.

For more information, the CANUSA game’s website is



  • Board Meeting 6 PM February 12th at the Bridge
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters team signup sheet is available for the event scheduled for February 19th at 7:00 p.m
  • In lieu of a speaker there will be an open meeting on February 12th
  • Ken Cullen Sr has asked for the group to keep his family in your thoughts as his daughter-in-law has back surgery

Respectfully Yours in Optimism,

Kim Banat