Meeting Notes

Joe Bushey introduced our speaker Connie Peters from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint. Connie informed us of a couple fund raising events that they are having in the near future. The first is their 3rd annual Burger, Brews & Dudes and the other is their Wine, Women & Chocolate.

Burgers_Brews_Dudes_Boys_Girls_Club_FlintWine_Women_Chocolate_Boys_Girls_Club_FlintFor more information on how you can participate, please visit their website at

Here is a flyer showing the numbers behind the club’s accomplishments: click here.

Connie also provided us with some staggering numbers. Each day there approximately 15 million kids on the streets. 4 million boys and girls are members at Boys & Girls Clubs. Every weeknight from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint hosts between 100 and 150 children. The Boys & Girls Clubs across the US are helping 1.4 million kids to graduate on time.

A special thanks goes out to Michael J Thorpe, who also showed up to speak this morning, but graciously let Connie present to us.

Dan Crannie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning. Greg Hilliker provided the opening prayer. Greg Hilliker was so anxious to impose fines that he was suggesting them prior to fines even being opened. Which got Mic’s attention to jump up immediately upon opening fines to impose one on Greg for being so lively this cold morning. 50/50 Winner was Dr Jack Medemar for half of the $36.


  • Board Meeting 6 PM January 15th at the Bridge

Respectfully Yours in Optimism,

Jeff Dennings