Crystal Pepperdine, one of our Club’s University of Michigan scholarship recipients and now the Manager of Development and Communication for Priority Children, spoke with us this morning about her and the organization’s roles in county-wide advocacy for children. Two major events sponsored by Priority Children are (1) the Childrens’ Champion Award Breakfast, which presents the titular award to a community activist as well as four $1,000 scholarships, and (2) the Summer Youth Expo (presenting, explaining, and promoting summer activities for kids). Priority Children advocacy efforts are focused on 4 general themes: “Opportunity youth” (“disconnected” youth aged 16-24 who need support, employment training, educational options, etc.), Mental Health, Poverty, and Abuse/Neglect. The organization provides no direct service but instead promotes such measures as changes in childhood sexual abuse trial testimony requirements, and programs for skill development, outreach, and education of Fllint’s school-age children.

After President Jeff Dennings’ opening bell. Bill Hentgen started the Pledge with “Everyone up!”, costing him some extra attention from the Volunteer TailTwister-for-the-Day Joe Bushey. and Greg Hilliker attempted to give an audible invocation. The Crown was auctioned to Dan Crannie, and guests Lisa Cornell and Christopher Reed enjoyed the “fine” interaction of the 16 members present before the guest speaker began her presentation.
Pete Venos has been in communication with Tina at Whaley Childrens’ Center, has set up arrangements for the upcoming hockey game on March 6 – Contact Pete for tickets.
Steve Schlott, Joe Bushey, Dave Crabill, Jeff Dennings, and Mic Goulet are working this weekend’s Firebirds 50/50 ticket sale fundraiser – Be there at 6 p.m. to help
Jeff Dennings is meeting with Swartz Creek school personnel today about the location and preparation for the Oratorical contest on March 12
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Greg Hilliker