Jack Stock & Greg Miller, both representing Kettering University, were the guest speakers this morning, talking about the Atwood Stadium Archives project being carried forward by KU. Greg Miller grew up in this area and came back “home” from Toledo to expand and develop this effort which was initiated ’74 with the bequest of Billy Durant’s papers by his widow. The papers of the “salesman and visionary”  were accessed by Norm Bryant and have been preserved, catalogued, and made available for research (call Miller at 762-9661 for details), and these are augmented by access to Flint Journal archives so that the political (FDR & JFK spoke there) and sports events (remember the annual Thanksgiving Northern/Central High School game?) and personalities can be explored. The Archives will be moving soon to Durant-Dort Factory One (http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/08/133-year-old_gm_birthplace_set.html) through the largess of a $12M grant from General Motors, and the multiple-use space will allow for meetings and perhaps art exhibits as well as archival documentation that will augment and complement, but not duplicate, Sloan Museum holdings. (It was interesting to hear our own Dan Crannie link the mural that sits above Miller’s desk to Dan’s grandmother’s waitress experience and C.S. Mott’s tips at the Purple Cow.) Look for the Grand Opening on 5-1-17!

Pesident Peter Venos called the meeting to a semblance of order, after which Dave Crabill proudly led the Pledge and Jack Proffitt humbly gave an invocation. Before the omelets (omelettes?) were delivered, Dave Crabill paid $2 for the Crown and Dan Crannie volunteered for TailTwister duty. Both of them spent too much time and attention on the south side of the room until Dan won the 50/50 drawing (again) and Speaker Chair Mic Goulet introduced our guest speakers.


  • 2-9-17 Board Meeting
  • 2-16-17 In-Club Business Meeting
  • 2-18-17 Firebirds Game event (contact Dave re: $15 tickets, $5 of which is returned to the Club)

Until next time,

“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker