Lisa Cornell, from BLC Enterprises, spoke as this morning’s guest. She noted that she has played matchmaker for natural gas customers and natural gas deliverers, beating out the “Bigs” prices for the last 10 years by locking down contracts (usually annual) at predictable and firm prices. Although she has frequently had contracts available for less than 80% of Consumers’ Power’s lowest rates, Lisa states that only 10% of users use their right to explore options. This helps people budget and generally protects them from fluctuations in per unit costs based on supply source or demand volume. Although her focus today was on gas (relevant at this time of maximum consumption), her business brokerage role extends to other contracted services, including television, phone, internet, and security provider contracts. She would be happy to review alternatives with you if contacted at

Jim Carney led in the Pledge after President Jeff Dennings opened the meeting of 21 members, and Jack Proffitt prayed for food. Jim Carney then bought the Crown for the 3rd week in a row(!),after which Substitute TailTwister Joe Bushey collected many fines (e.g., one against Floyd Olmstead for refusing to shake hands with lesser folk, and another against “everyone with blue eyes”). Floyd got his money back and then some when his 50/50 ticket was drawn and the $23 pot was split.

Dave Crabill introduced our guest speaker.

Pet Venos reported on the advancement of the plans for Hockey with Whaley kids, plans were crystallized for volunteer sales at the upcoming Firebird game, Bill Hentgen firmed up arrangements for a Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner fundraiser on April 24th (11 am – 2pm volunteers, eaters and ticket salespersons needed).

Until next time,

“Promise Youself…”

Greg Hilliker