Meeting Notes

Our speaker this morning was Tom Wyatt from Kettering University representing the University Avenue Corridor Coalition. Tom has a passion for revitalizing Flint and has had a career of making moves to get involved in community. The Coalition is helping in crime prevention, cleaning up blight, stabilizing land use, establishing leisure and recreational areas, and improving communication among the departments in Flint. It is encouraging to hear that there are people like Tom who are doing all they can to make Flint a better place to live.

Once again we had a good turnout for our breakfast this morning. The fines were flying after Ken Cullen bought the crown for $1.10. Greg cannot seem to get enough breath to last throughout his prayer and make himself heard. It costs him fines nearly every week he prays.

March 24 is the Boys and Girls Club Oratorical Contest at 6 pm. The board meeting for tonight has been cancelled.


  • Cancelled – Board Meeting 6 PM January 15th at the Bridge
  • Vehicle City Challenge 10 AM March 14 at Boys & Girls Club Flint
  • Optimist Oratorical Contest 7:30 PM March 24th at Boys & Girls Club Flint
  • Board Meeting 6 PM April 9th at the Bridge

Hope to see everyone next week! In the meantime enjoy the spring like weather and face life with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Have a good week!

Ken Cullen