Meeting Notes

Our guest speaker was Terri Stangl from Great Lakes Flotation. Terri started out her career as a lawyer and felt under stress all the time as many of us do as we do our jobs. She was one who could not face confrontation and was overwhelmed by her job as are 66% of working people. Terri decided to do something about her stress and studied the benefits of floating. She has a business where people come to her and are able to go into a float tank containing 10 inches of very salty water which allows the individual to float very easily. By being in that position and in the darkness, the process helps with relaxation, reduced stress, clearer thinking, athletic focus and recovery, improved sleep and energy, and problem solving ability. She is having an open house next Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 pm if you would like to check it out.

Her office is located at 5232 Morrish Rd, Swartz Creek, MI 48473. Call 810-584-5511 or 989-295-4269 to get an appointment. Visit them on the web at

Twenty people hopped out of bed early to get to breakfast this morning. All but a few; Joe Bushey, John Losinski, and Stephanie arrived on time. Obviously they were all fined and Joe proceeded to pay his dollar with the first fine thinking that that maxed him out. Fines continued to fly on him until I believe he ended up having to dig deeper. He made up for it by winning the 50/50. This assures us that he will make every effort to be early next week to sell tickets.


  • Fund Raising Meeting 8:30 AM April 2nd at Valley Family Restaurant – Immediately following Breakfast Meeting
  • Optimist Oratorical Contest 7:30 PM March 24th at Boys & Girls Club Flint
  • Chicken Dinner 11 AM to 2:30 April 26th at Masonic Temple in Downtown Flint
  • Board Meeting 6 PM April 16th at the Bridge

Have a great optimistic week!

Ken Cullen