Meeting Notes

The morning agenda –to sort out some of the options for relocation of our regular breakfast meetings (because of Valley Coney Island’s planned sale/closing in June) – spurred vigorous discussion, with several contributors (including Joe Bushey, John Farah, Floyd Olmstead, Mic Goulet, Lynn Eastman, Jeff Dennings, Dan Crannie, and Walt Widder) offering information on such options as Holiday Inn, Residence Inn, Capitol Coney Island, White Horse, Hollywood Diner, Bob Evans, Liberty, Thompson Creeek, USA Family, Country Carriage, Sorrento’s, and Farmer’s Market. The whole group discussed many facets and implications of the possible changes, and an eventual agreement was derived to “sample” some of the more promising options and report to the membership for a final decision.

President Jack Proffitt opened the meeting of a large and active membership group today, quickly losing control of the general proceedings due to various side conversations, late arrivals, and Queen Stephanie Eastman’s wreaking vengeance on her father, Lynn Eastman, for his lengthy Florida vacation and the southern table for having the good sense to eat their food warm. John Schmitt returned from France to join us this morning and handled the “TailTwister” job quite well in the absence of Jack Medemar, now on his own European jaunt.

Bill Hentgen once again bought the lucky 50/50 ticket for his share of the $25 pot and left his brother, Bob Hentgen, to shift for himself. Now, he can buy a shirt to match Joe Bushey’s and Angie Cuneaz’s “prison-themed” attire.

In keeping with this any member who wishes may join in for a visitation to Country Carriage in Swartz Creek on Wednesday, April 8 at 7:30 a.m..


  • Chicken Dinner 11 AM to 2:30 April 26th at Masonic Temple in Downtown Flint
  • Board Meeting 6 PM April 16th at the Bridge

Until next time,
“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker