Meeting Notes

Acting Speaker Chair Mic Goulet introduced Judge Jennie Barkey, who spoke to us about her role in developing and operating the “Mental Health Court” and “Veteran’s Court”, noting how the additional attention and services given to the target populations saves the public money, and the participants, family members, and friends considerable grief, legal repercussions, and career disruptions. Mentor opportunities for veterans are available, so if any veteran has the time (or knowledge of someone who does), contact Judge Barkey.

President Jack Proffitt rang the bell to start the meeting at 7:30. Kim Banat sprinted into position for the Pledge of Allegiance (resulting in a subsequent fine) and the invocation by Greg Hilliker was notable for the fact that Walt Widder’s limited hearing only allowed him to understand “the last four letters”. Our waitresses served us our omelettes with eagerness arising from reassurance about their jobs. Queen Stephanie Eastman exploited her power (soon to be usurped) with some “fund-raiser” fines, and the 50/50 pot expanded with contributions from catsup-users, chicken dinner absentees, people who “eat before the Queen”, Greg Hilliker (because he will not be available for fining for the next few weeks), and Dan Crannie (twice fined, by “re-Pete” Venos, for failing to mention the Optimists in his front-page Business Section press exposure).

Vice President Jeff Dennings passed out and promoted tickets for the July “30-day Raffle” fundraiser, and proceeds from Nut Sale (over $1000) and the recent Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner (almost $800) were announced, and Bill Hentgen was applauded for his related labors. The Scholarship application review is nearly finished, and awards will be made in the near future.


  • Respect For Law 12 PM May 4th at Genesee Career Institute (former Skill Center) RSVP Mike Buckel
  • Board Meeting 6 PM May 14th at the Bridge
  • Special Olympics May 15th
  • Dodging for Dollars 10 AM to 2:30 May 16th at Boys and Girls Club of Flint
  • Children’s Miracle Network June 7th
  • Optimist Leadership Conference June 13th

Until next time,
“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker