Meeting Notes

Speaker Chair Steve Schlott introduced Craig Williams, Director at Bishop International Airport, as the morning speaker. Craig came up from Fort Wayne’s airport (to replace Jim Rice) in August of 2014 to manage the 3rd largest airport in the state so as to maintain the lowest average commercial airfares in the state. Noting that

  • the 4 carriers serving Bishop handle 90% of the USA’s commercial flight capacity,
  • airport costs only constitute 4% of airline operational costs,
  • the intermodal capabilities are underutilized, and
  • the airport is open to future expansion potential,

Craig is using his ex-lobbyist skill set to drum up support, business, and potential to add to the 575 local jobs now aligned with the airport.

In the absence of our illustrious President Jack Proffitt, Vice President Jeff Dennings presided over the morning meeting. Floyd Olmstead led the Pledge of Allegiance, Ken Cullen gave the audible invocation, and Queen Stephanie Eastman’s crown was auctioned off to Angie Cuneaz for a whopping $2.00! Angie recovered some of her expenses by acting on Stephanie’s late arrival and the fact that Peter Venos and Mic Goulet conversed through the Pledge. Mic offset his losses by holding winning ticket for the $23.00 “50/50” pot. Greg Hilliker paid an unjust fine for wearing a corduroy jacket, proposed by someone who apparently doesn’t believe in “Throwback Thursdays”, and today’s only guest, Corrina Hamlet from the Flint Chamber of Commerce, found the proceedings quite entertaining.

Bill Hentgen wants members to sell tickets for the Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner (making sure to return to him the unsold tickets). Thirteen members had breakfast at County Carriage this week to try out options for future Club meetings, and next Wednesday, we will have another trial at Liberty on Pierson Road.

April Speaker Chair Steve Schlott’s guests:

  • APR 16: Deb Freeman from McLaren, about “Distracted Driving Month”
  • APR 23: Marcia Franks, Weiss Advocacy Center
  • APR 30: Jennie Barkey, Probate Judge, Genesee County, speaking about Veterans Court


  • Chicken Dinner 11 AM to 2:30 April 26th at Masonic Temple in Downtown Flint
  • Board Meeting 6 PM May 14th at the Bridge

Until next time,
“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker