Meeting Notes

Phil introduced Marcia Franks from the Robert E. Weiss Child Advocacy Center. She is the Interim Executive Director of the center. Child abuse and neglect are serious problems in Genesee County. There are 2000 confirmed cases every year. 90% are perpetrated by caregivers. The incidence of child abuse and neglect in the US is ten times higher than incidence of all forms of cancer. Sustained stress in childhood has lifelong impacts on the brain and body. The total yearly cost of each abused and neglected child in the US is $63,871.00. Children need adults to protect them. They need someone who will plead for them and will take their side. The center provides a court appointed special advocate to speak for the child’s best interest.

Thank you Marcia for all the good information. What you are doing has a real impact for the children of Genesee County. To learn more about the Weiss Advocacy visit their website at

There were only 15 members present to enjoy our breakfast and fellowship this morning. We missed all of you who could not be there. Hope to see you next week!

We had 18 gathered together for our breakfast. As usual the room was full of conversation until President Jack called the meeting to order and asked Greg to pray. It is nice when everyone says “amen” but it seems to be only to let everyone know that Greg is done praying.

Ken outbid everyone for the crown with a bid of $1.10. Upon receiving the crown he immediately fined everyone for being so cheap as not to bid more than this meager amount. Jeff reported on the good things learned at the Leadership Conference. The club voted to keep pancakes as one of the options for breakfast.

The Flint Olympian Golf Tournament will be July 24 at Brookwood. The cost is $80.00/player or $320/4 man team.

More ticket stubs were turned in for our 31 Day Raffle. Please turn the stubs in as you sell the tickets and more importantly get more tickets to sell if you have sold out or are close to selling out. Contact Jeff Dennings if you don’t have a packet of tickets.


  • 31 Day Raffle starts July 1st so turn Money and Ticket Stubs in ASAP
  • Board Meeting 6:00 PM July 9th @ The Bridge
  • Flint Olympian Golf Tournament July 24th @ Brookwood

Hope to see everyone next week. Have a very special and optimistic week.

Ken Cullen