West Flint Optimist Club Newsletter – 7/6/17 

Speaker Chair John Losinski, who had just this morning learned of Greg Hilliker’s “standing in” for a dignitary, asked Greg to “stand in” for the morning’s absent speaker. (Note that “standing in” seems to be the direct opposite of “outstanding”.) Greg spoke about the musical exchange between the Flint Youth Symphony (http://www.thefspa.org/fspa-programs/music/flint-youth-symphony-orchestra) and the Limonest (France) Conservatoire (https://www.facebook.com/groups/862585830548722/permalink/878721742268464/?comment_id=878838652256773&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1499698851082284) that is going on as we meet. In the very first of these exchanges, Greg was asked to represent the Mayor of Flint (Don Williamson had just been elected but not yet started in the position) at a “5 Nations” diplomatic series of “compare and contrast” presentations of information on demographics, geography, economics, and history of the communities involved in the musical exchange. Representatives from Limonest, France; Pizzo, Italy; Doncaster, England; Flint, Michigan; and somewhere in Japan (I never learned to say, read, or write the name!) received a royal welcome and shared terrific meals, tours, and experiences for three days in Limonest, a “bedroom community” just on the fringes of the beautiful city of Lyon, France. Greg managed to avoid triggering any international incidents as he enacted his “poseur” role and is still greeted affectionately by those who remain under the illlusion that he sometimes knows what he is talking about (like this morning!).

John Losinski arrived very early for today’s meeting, interrupting Greg Hilliker’s reading of an overdue library book. J-Lo was eager to greet his scheduled speaker, Chris Hamilton from Old Newsboys and avoid “late fees”. Peter Venos arrived and opened the meeting, asking Jack Proffitt to say grace and Jeff Dennings to see if he could recall the Pledge of Allegiance. After Jeff bought the Crown for a bargain, Jeff immediately began using his new powers, assessing the entire Club (13 in attendance) for failing to compete with him in the Crown auction. Bill Hentgen was fined for wearing a shirt that appeared to be made out of an ancient tapestry, and Bill responded with a fine for anyone not attending the “May the Fourth Be With You” concert and fireworks display at Atwood Stadium on Independence Day (http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2017/07/the_fourth_is_strong_with_star.html). Bill also let people know that a Hurley fund-raiser picnic (http://www.hurleyfoundation.org/events/cmn-hospitals-miracle-picnic/) will be held at Sloan Museum courtyard (perhaps the last opportunity to see the area in light of impending changes) for $50/person. Prez Pete won the weekly “50/50” today.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…