Meeting Notes

Kayla Bright (Kayla Trundle; newly married, she hasn’t yet changed her name on her driver’s license) spoke to our Club this morning about her Special Education efforts through Swartz Creek Schools. Jeff Dennings, sitting in for Speaker Chair Floyd Olmstead brought Kayla into the meeting and sat with her at the head table. Kayla was classmate at Swartz Creek with of one of Jeff Dennings’ children and is currently the instructor of another. Kayla is a dedicated and creative teacher, in and out of the classroom setting, preparing students for life in the “real world”. After wrangling a $2000 grant from the National Education Association, Kayla was able to acquire equipment and logistical support for 10 trips during the past year for such educational and social experiences as

  • Shopping at Meijer’s on limited funds, while calculating total expenses and taxes,
  • Eating at Red Robin and calculating food costs and service tips,
  • Baiting and operating fishing equipment on a lake trip,
  • Volunteering work and creating/executing projects for the Humane Society,
  • Competing in, volunteering at, and cheering for Special Olympics,
  • Operating “Special Day for Special Needs” at Swartz Creek Hometown Days,
  • Engaging in “Project Unify” to integrate general and special education students and ameliorate stigma (“Spread the Word to End the Word” [retarded]), and
  • Volunteer in the immediate neighborhood for community service and increased integration.

Her particular specialty is in the area of “cognitively impaired” students (IQ scores of 70 or lower), but she coordinates projects with “general ed” mainstream students, other special education students and teachers and other schools (e.g., Elmer Knopf, serving those with IQ scores of 30-50, and Marion Crouse, serving those with scores below 30).

In addition to her undergraduate degree, Kayla has a Masters degree in Special Education and is currently working for additional certification as an Applied Behavioral Analyst for service to autistic populations. Having experienced such successes as expanding “Special Day…” from 60 participants in its first year to 500 in its third, and having 40 general ed students volunteer to work with the 7 students in her class, Kayla is hoping for support for additional support, especially in the area of arranging for affordable transportation for future ventures.

President Jack Proffitt called the Club to order, asked Peter Venos to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance, and was amazed that he could hear Greg Hilliker’s invocation. After auctioning off the crown to “Queen for a Day” Kim Banat (for $2.00!!), the 18 members present rendered fines

  • Against Kim for not using her crown to abuse her loyal subjects
  • To which she responded by squelching this behavior by fining anyone who did or might even think about fining her;
  • Against Jim Carney for failing to celebrate Joe Bushey’s good fortune (last week’s 50/50 and this week’s $100 Raffle prize), not realizing this good fortune was offset by 2 bicycle accidents and resultant “road rash” on 1 ride;
  • On Dave Crabill for arriving late for the meeting and for seeing the world in dark tones even while wearing an Optimist shirt; and
  • Against the Northerly table for their loud and private meeting!

Not surprisingly, no fines were proposed against Customary TailTwister Jack Medemar when he arrived late and cheerfully took over his customary post from volunteer Phil Holmblade.

The Flint Olympian Golf Tournament will be July 24 at Brookwood. The cost is $80.00/player or $320/4 man team.

31 Day Raffle Winner’s names are not being posted to our website (we didn’t ask their permission). The winning ticket number and the person that sold the ticket are being posted. Click here to view the page. If you have any questions about the raffle then contact Jeff Dennings.


  • 31 Day Raffle has started so turn Money and Ticket Stubs in ASAP
  • Board Meeting 6:00 PM July 9th @ The Bridge (Front Entrance)
  • Flint Olympian Golf Tournament July 24th @ Brookwood

Until next time,

“Promise Yourself…”

Greg Hilliker