Ghassan Saab was our special guest speaker this morning, talking about the historical context, personal remembrances, and international (mis)perceptions of Lebanon and the Middle East, more generally. (Saab is associated with Sorenson Gross and is known to many of our Club members, including Peter Venos, who introduced him.) He spoke of a “$500,000 mistake” in which Oliphant could have forged a strong connection between Great Britain and Saudi Arabia but assumed that the Saudis had no petroleum assets, he told of his belief that USA links to Israel have destabilized the entire region, and he called attention to “the plight of the Palestinian people”. This spurred anecdotal information from our members about problematic travel and unwarranted detentions, as well water scarcity and tragic crop and residence destruction.

President Jack Proffitt called the meeting to order (welcome back, Jack!), called on Kim Banat to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and Greg Hilliker for the Invocation, and then sold the Crown to David Crabill for a measly buck. The blue and white dress code for the morning was apparently not conveyed to some of us, but Steve Bentley got the word and came suited up for the pulpit or the court, paying a fine for late arrival. Eric Ballard paid a fine for forgetting to shake hands, and Bill Hentgen fined himself for a lousy golf game! Peter Venos paid a fine for trying to avoid paying a fine by sitting at the head table, Judge Joe Farah paid a fine for showing up for lunch, and John Losinski was charged with emulating His Honor but countered by noting that John had more hair and was not wearing a tie. The plentiful fines gathered from the 27 participants in today’s meeting went to Eric Ballard in the 50/50 drawing.

Art Ridley reported on the success and smooth implementation of Operation Feedbag for the 410 CANUSA athletes coming back on 10 buses from the Games in Canada. Thanks to all who helped!

President Jack reported a restructuring of the breakfast menu so as to protect our sleek figures and budgets.


8/27/15             Quesadillas and Board Meeting at Dave Crabill’s home (in lieu of “steak cookout”)
9/24/15             Installation Banquet at Ruggero’s (Please plan to attend with your significant other!)

Until next time,
“Promise Yourself…”