West Flint Optimist Club — 8/17/17 Newsletter

Crys Reed led in the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Proffitt gave the invocation before Dave Crabill bought the auctioned Crown for a whopping $2.25. So many members and guests crowded near His Royal Highness Dave that the  Northerly table was fined for causing the room to list to the north. Bill Hentgen paid a fine for failure to shake the hands of his fellow members, Jeff Dennings paid for forgetting “to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own”, and Patrick Naswell paid for being so late he had to wear rain gear to protect his “sweetness” and prevent a meltdown. (Patrick, “we’re not in Kansas anymore!”) Crys Reed made the mistake of harassing the TailTwister and paid for “tugging on Superman’s cape”. After Jim Reigle won the morning’s “50/50” and before Matt Mrasek’s recitation of the Creed, the attending members and Matt’s guest, Brandon Demasellis, listened to the Club’s periodic “business meeting”. The discussion included

  • review of recent CANUSA participation and thanks to all helpers,
  • possible MSD participation in essay and oratorical contests next year (Jack Proffitt will make contact when the school year begins),
  • $5K Raffle plans (Jim Reigle will be distributing tickets by next week!),
  • Treasurer’s Report and financial matters (Perpetual Fund assets in excess of $30K will roll into the Youth Fund for distribution and use, some dues payments remain outstanding, and Club support will continue for “The Bridge” annual community fun day and school supply distribution on Sept. 10 at Noon.
  • Please be aware of rapidly approaching Lugnuts game, Walt Widder Charity Golf, $5K Raffle activities!
  • Phil Holmblade still has Club shirts and hats to be picked up!

Thanks to Phil for the material for today’s newsletter!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”