8/25/16 Newsletter

Former West Flint Club Member and President-Designate Stephanie Eastman, now residing and working in Naples, Florida, and serving as President to their Optimist Club, returned to our Club wearing a tiara and identified herself as “Queen” for a day. Guest of her father and Club member Lynn Eastman, Stephanie was actually here for her nuptials over the weekend, making the introductory comment “Tell us what you have been doing” slightly awkward when President Jeff Dennings asked her to speak.

Stephanie talked of her continuing work with the Red Cross, albeit in a somewhat changed capacity and situation (increased regional awareness of Red Cross mission and decreased summertime workload with the “Snowbird” population shifts). She also spoke of compassion fatigue and desensitization as responses to frequent and recurrent crises. Her new residence in a gated community and backing up to the water allows her to enjoy a “vacation at home” in her daily routine, but she has had to learn to address the differences in the presence of, and attitudes toward, wildlife in her changed surroundings: face-to-face panther encounters, alligators who visit the yard where her dog does his thing, snakes, spiders, etc.. Nonetheless, she continues to enjoy and contribute to her community, and we were pleased that our “First Female Member” could be with us this morning.

President Jeff Dennings rang the bell to open our meeting for the impatient and hungry 21 members and guests this morning, asking Steve Schlott to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and Lynn Eastman to say grace. Our guests (self-referred Sherie Palmer, a nurse retired from home health care who is looking for a platform for continuing active service; “Queen” Stephanie Eastman back from the south for her wedding with the man who performed the rites, her father, Lynn Eastman; and prospective member Patrick Neswell from Hurley Foundation) saw President Jeff and Steve Schlott vie for credit for bringing a guest today and witnessed the Presidential abuse of power in his “Jeffocracy”, and Joe Bushey and Dave Crabill vied for “dumb fine” awards. Phil Holmblade sold the weekly 50/50 tickets, Dan Crannie penalized the entire Club for laxity in producing new members, Ken Cullen fined those who have not committed to Walt Widder’s Memorial Golf event, and John Losinski did a great job substituting for Jack Medemar as Tailtwister (perhaps in anticipation of his winning 50/50 ticket). Judge Joe Farah, last week’s extemporaneous speaker, praised Stephanie Eastman for her presentation to the Club, noting that “We frequently have our best speakers on short notice!” Joe Bushey led in the Creed recitation, inspiring our new member prospects.

Events to keep in mind:
Tonight    “Almost-Annual” Board Meeting and Steak Cookout at Joe Farah’s for signatories
Ongoing   Nut Sale, not to be run as Club fundraiser, but available to for individual purchase (see Joe Bushey)
9/22/16      Installation Banquet at 6:00 p.m. at Da Edoardo’s in Grand Blanc, with menu and cost TBD
9/24/16      Walt Widder Memorial Golf Outing – Get a team, be a sponsor, get a sponsor, plan to play!
10/27/16    5K RAFFLE – Our biggest fund-raiser: Get your tickets and push sales!

Until next time,

“Promise Yourself…”