West Flint Optimist Club Newsletter – 8/3/17

Christina Farris, Development Director for the Crim Fitness Foundation, spoke with us this morning at the request of Speaker Chair Dan Crannie.  All of us should remember that House Speaker Bobby Crim started the Crim 10 Mile foot race back in 1977 in support of Special Olympics.  Since then the event has grown to include 5 different races – 10 Mile, 8K, 5K, 1 mile and a Teddy Bear trot. The Crim had approximately 16K participants in 2016. The organization has grown and restructured to include more than supporting the Special Olympics.  Now known as the Crim Fitness Foundation, its focus is more toward a healthy lifestyle for all by integrating physical activity, healthy eating, and mindfulness into daily life. The organization has teamed up with the Flint Community Schools to help revitalize a Community Education program addressing

  • Physical Activity – getting students up and moving and having fun while learning leadership and character development.
  • Mindfulness – this practice of paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, helps provide focus, clarity and emotional insight.This positive program is growing in school classrooms and has been shown to provide a powerful tool in brain development.
  • Healthy Eating – the SNAP-Ed program allows students and their families to learn about nutrition using five food groups. FoodCorps service members work with students through lessons in the classroom, hoop houses and gardens to learn where fruits and vegetables come from and take an active part of every step of the growing process.

The C.S. Mott Foundation has provided significant funding in support of the Community Education Program (2017 – $2.7m). Crim Foundation Revenue for the last three years has been 2014 – $2.6m, 2015- $4.5m, 2016 – $6.2m.

After Jeff Dennings led in the Pledge and Jack Proffitt spoke the Invocation,   Bill Hentgen bought the auctioned Crown for $2. His “automatic” fines, against all those who did not attend a Charity Skeet shoot held by the 100 Club, and anyone not attending the Club Picnic at Jerry Rhoden’s home, riled up the members (no guests present) enough to seek vengeance. Since Bill could not be fined, his brother Bob Hentgen was charged with the responsibility for paying because Bill sold “50/50” drawing tickets but forgot to collect the money! Way to go, Treasurer Bill!   Jeff Dennings led in the Creed recitation to close.

UPCOMING EVENTS: CANUSA, Lugnuts game, Walt Widder Charity Golf

Other news:  Hat and shirt orders are available at the next meeting for those have not picked theirs up already.

Thanks again, Phil Holmblade, for the newsletter notes!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”