Steve Schlott provide the program speaker for our meeting who was non-other than Dan Brezani retired from the Flint Community School System and still very involved with the CANUSA Games.

This was the 58th year of the CANUSA Games and for the first time the games did not receive any funding from the Flint Community School System.  All monies in support of this year’s games came from outside sources.  Dan shared some interesting facts regarding the Games.

  • 60% of the participants came from Genesee County.
  • 40% of the participants came from the City of Flint.
  • To be in the CANUSA Games,  a participant must compete in the Flint Olympian Games.
  • The even years the Games are held in Flint and the odd years in Hamilton/
  • Philosophy of the Games is for the participants to understand cultures, traditions, people, laws, currency, etc.
  • This year ten passenger type buses went to Hamilton with approximately 50 + on each bus.  this does not include the participants who traveled separately by other means. Past years there have been as many as 20 buses with participants on them.
  • Participants stay with a host family whether the Games are in Hamilton or in Flint. Each host family must go through a background check prior to being allowed to house a participant. A host family may or may not have a participant in their family.
  • All coaches must also go through the background check process before they are allowed to proceed.
  • Participating children and parents are asked to complete and evaluation form of the experience of the Games.
  • The fee structure for participants in the Olympian and CANUSA is to help cover costs and to keep the athlete’s amateur status.
  • An interesting fact that Dan shared with us that may have some impact on the reduced number of participants is that Genesee Co. is losing 4 people per day and the City of Flint is losing 3 people per day. This has been going on for the past few years.

Dan thanked the Club for our participation in their Chicken Dinner Fundraiser at the Masonic Temple,  for providing the snacks to the participants coming back from Hamilton, and all the other things that help them out.

Next year’s Games are scheduled for August 5,6 & 7, tentatively to be at SW Academy.

President Jack got our meeting started promptly on time with a resounding ring of our bell.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by special guest and former member, Mr. Ron Polsgrove.

Invocation was led by the reverent Greg Hilliker.

  • Upcoming Events:
  • Food giveaway at the Bridge on Friday, Sep 10. Volunteers needed to help out.
  • School Supply giveaway at the Bridge on Sunday, Sep 13. Volunteers needed to help out.
  • Installation Dinner at Ruggero’s on Sep 24th, 6-9 PM

Since Bill Hentgen was a no-show to sell 50/50 tickets, Greg volunteered to handle the task.

Jeff tried to buy the crown even though Queen Stephanie was present to preside in her royal status. Consequently, there were rampant fines taking place especially on Jeff Dennings and George Kitchen.

Don’t forget to sell your $5K raffle and dinner tickets!  Don’t forget to get your holiday nut sale orders too!

Our 50/50 winner this week was non-other than incoming Pres Jeff D.

In closing, Stephanie Eastman led us in the Creed.