OI-logoSteven Low, Executive Director of the Flint Jewish Federation, spoke to 14 of our members and 2 guests about his “non-sectarian, non-denominational” organization. Although the organization is invested in disaster relief, medical transport (the only “out-of-county” option), Meals on Wheels (including vegetarian and kosher options), and integration of immigrants and supportive translation services, Steven spoke today primarily about a special project, the Fourth Annual Humanity in Harmony Concert (www.HumanityinHarmony.info): featuring several groups and performers in various musical genres, from classical (Dort Honors String Quartet) through Renaissance (Northern Renaissance) and folk (Corn Potato Band) to jazz (Reichlin Small Quartet), this fabulous concert also features Steven’s own son, Sheldon Low, in an annual tribute to the brutally murdered and martyred journalist Daniel Pearl. As a promotion of unification and truth, or simply a celebration of good music, this is a great event to put on your family’s calendar ($10/ticket; $8 each for groups of 6 or more), to be held at MacArthur Recital Hall at Flint Institute of Music on Sunday, October 23. The day before the event, master classes and workshops will be available for musical students, and there is also an essay contest to promote journalism careers, with cash scholarship awards,¬†Besides this event, the Jewish Federation also sponsors “Borscht Belt to Bollywood”, a cross-cultural food, music, and dance experience that serves as a fund-raiser event in June, drawing a great deal of interest and attention despite a continuing decline in the local Jewish population. Consider putting this event on your calendar (or in your “sponsorship” budget)!

Kim Blackstock (from Wellbridge) and Bonnie Kelley (former Club member) were additional guests today as “outgoing” President Jeff Dennings rang the meeting into wakefulness. Steve Schlott led the Pledge of Allegiance, Ken Cullen prayed for divine intervention and wisdom not usually evidenced in the morning interaction, and “incoming” President and King Peter Venos quickly fined Jeff for “whining” about relinquishing his much-abused power, Phil Holmblade fined those who did not make fools of themselves on the Wall Widder Memorial golf course, Dave Crabill paid for his absence at his guest speaker’s arrival, Bill Hentgen paid for jumping the gun with respect to the current President’s agenda, Jack Proffitt proposed a fine against Greg Hilliker for sycophancy relative to TailTwister Jack Medemar, and our newest member Patrick Neswell paid a fine for expecting “special” treatment from the service staff.

In other news, Ken Cullen resigned from his long-standing Secretary role, and Jeff Dennings will be Secretary for the incoming administration, tonight’s installation banquet plans were discussed, and Dave Crabill walked off with the winning 50/50 ticket this morning, from the $23 pot.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”