Meeting Notes

Dave Crabill introduced our speaker Jack Stock from Kettering University. Jack is the Director of External Relations University Advancement. He has been with Kettering for 15 years. Jack is also alumni of University of Michigan, which makes him an outstanding person in my book.

Jack told us about the decline of General Motors involvement in the co-op program that Kettering utilizes with its students, but more importantly he told us how Kettering has 500 companies offering students intern positions. One half of Kettering’s students are from Michigan and the majority of that half are from Genesee County.

Jack also told us about Kettering’s involvement in the community. The idea was to bring the local communities together so that they could share information and planning. Jack is a part of the University Avenue Coalition that is working to improve the area by making the streets safe. Kettering recently took over Atwood Stadium from the City of Flint. The city was no longer able to maintain the property and rather than see it decline and become an issue Kettering stepped up and decided to make an investment in the Flint community. Atwood is currently in need of $1.8 million in repairs.

Kettering is also working on the student body to instill a sense of civic duty. They ask students to volunteer for various activities on the second Saturday of each month. They have had as many as 200 students show up to be involved.

Kettering is working on Place Making for the University Boulevard. Place Making is the process of building an atmosphere of being somewhere. The university is now seeking private investors to plunge into the area to make a contribution into the future of Flint. For more information about Kettering University or to read Kettering Magazine, please visit their website at

John Schmitt led us in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning. Ken Cullen provided the opening prayer. Fines were opened and our King Matt was anxious to levy as many fines as possible each payable by the southerly table. John Farah was the 50/50 winner today for a whooping half of $22.


  • Board Meeting 6 PM January 15th at the Bridge
  • Grand Blanc Optimist Club is having a raffle, contact Jack Proffitt for more information

Respectfully Yours in Optimism,

Jeff Dennings