Karyn Miller, Flint Township Supervisor and frequent visitor to the Club (pressed again for membership), spoke to the 19 of us present about this year’s construction projects (avoid Linden and Court Street areas for a while this summer), other Township road responsibilities (ditching, grading, chloride spray, and repairs), the “development” focus of the four new Board members, the prospect of name change, city status, zip code addition, and coordination issues with area governing and administrative bodies. Additional discussion of the “image” of Flint and this area, the opportunities to challenge the negative bias with accurate recasting of the character of the people and tenacity of constructive efforts, and sharing of personal experiences enlivened the meeting. Karyn also presented useful information on “hazardous materials” collection, electronics recycling, and shredding services and schedules that many of us find desirable.

President Peter Venos rang the meeting to order with extra enthusiasm generated by his wife (Ellen) returning home and doing much better. Mic Goulet led the Pledge to the Flag and Jack Proffitt led in prayer before the auctioned Crown went back to Bill Hentgen for $2. Bill’s shirt (neon green) made a colorful display with his red and gold  rown, but no one dared fine him for his peacock impersonation for fear of retribution. In fact, he even preempted a consideration of this by fining all those not  wearing fluorescent clothing. This was not the case with Steve Schlott, who looked like a creamsicle and was fined for this and  producing a fine against Greg Hilliker for “using big words that nobody knows” (“ersatz”?) in last week’s newsletter. Bill proposed a profusion of fines – one against anyone not attending “42nd Street” and another against those who are reluctant to “golf in the rain” – but the most ridiculous one was for not getting the appropriate recognition of how “cute” he looks in the Crown. (Bob Hentgen wound up paying a fine for having a brother who “doesn’t know enough to come in out of the rain.”) Mic fined Patrick Naswell for “creating confusion” with his early arrival to the meeting, but Patrick paid more fines because his arrival was still too late to hawk “50/50” tickets and he “forgot” that he won last week’s drawing. (His donation of last week’s take to the Club absolved him from further liability.) John Losinski and Crystufer Reed paid “late” fees, Prez Pete requested a short Board meeting after breakfast, a volunteer list for the Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner this weekend, and John Losinski’s Heart Walk participation and Tina Olshove‘s interest in the Sept. 30 Alzheimers Walk were discussed. Bonnie Kelley, who had earlier paid a fine for ” talking with her mouth full”, noted that her “multitasking” skills were unimpaired and proved it with a Creed recitation after Steve Schlott and Art Ridley joined forces on the winning “50/50” ticket today.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”