As you are all aware, all restaurants are closed due to the Coronavirus. This means that there will be no weekly Optimist Meetings until further notice. No one knows when, but we will be meeting again when it is pronounced safe for us to meet in public,

Flushing Valley is closed as well until March 30th. There are more questions than answers in regard to the raffle. Getting the tickets and money to Jim Riegle could be complicated. President Greg is contacting the State of Mi. to see if we can postpone, or reschedule our drawing. If not, we might have a few of us meet, at a socially safe distance, in a parking lot and draw three numbers. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions regarding the raffle or dinner, please pass them along.

Please keep Kevin “The General” Wainwright in your thoughts and prayers. Kevin has having some serious knee surgery this week. We wish you a speedy recovery, General.

We may be shut down temporarily, but we are not out of business. There will be more emails posted as events unfold, and information is released.

As your king I will  not be negligent in my duties. I will be issuing Royal proclamations, edicts and fines, if need be.