Chris Javor from HAP ( spoke with our 18 attendees this morning, hoping to give some of us older folks information and understanding about Medicare, Medicaid, “Advantage” and other supplemental insurance options available in this area. He noted that Genesee County has the State’s highest proportion of Medicare and Medicaid recipients, and he identified HAP’s particular value in allowing for responsivity to local needs and provision of personalized customer service.

Phil Holmblade, our illustrious President, opened the morning’s activities with a ring of the bell, a request that Kevin Wainwright lead the Pledge of Allegiance, and asking Jack Proffitt to say grace. The fines flew immediately, with Greg Hilliker proposing one against “all those milling around”, and Carol Dennings paid for “playing with her phone” and “sitting in the same seat week after week after week”. Ken Cullen fined the entire Club for “ignoring the meeting”, Bill Reeves paid for “not selling tickets” for the “50/50 Drawing”, and Ron Ballard fined Omar Sims for “running for something”. Ron was then accused by Mic Goulet of failing to recognize that Omar was  “running FROM something”. The fines slowed down so much when the food was served that King Jeff Dennings fined the entire Club for “allowing the meeting to die”.

Other information:

  • Tickets are still available for the January 31 “Holiday Party/ Tribute to Ron Ballard” at Ruggero’s at 6:00 p.m. – see Jeff Dennings, or buy tickets through this online link:
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters will hold their annual Bowling fundraiser on February 21 -we are once again going to show off our prowess (or at least, our sense of humor) so please sign up if you know what a bowling ball is or might like to. Sign-up sheet and pledge sheets will be going around, with Jack Medemar leading the project.
  • Jeff announce that we are approximately 1/3 of the way to our “Dollar-A-Day” goal, helped out today by Jack Medemar’s donation of his “50/50” winnings.
  • Check out our last newsletter here:

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”