Kalyn Mullens – 2020 Oratorical Winner

“Just IMagine a World Without Boundaries” -the theme of this year’s Oratorical Competition – was effectively and impressively delivered virtually by Kalyn at this year’s OI Convention and is available here. A relatively small group of members (9) gathered this morning and listened to the Overall Winner & Scholarship Recipient as they shared breakfast, news, and business.

After President Jack Proffitt opened the meeting, “King” Mic Goulet flashed his dashing sash power with fines against Jeff Dennings’ virtual image for failing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and for having his eyes open during the invocation. Mic reviewed business history since 1969 and potential plans for the future, Mike Butts reported his angling successes, Bill Hentgen   sent a note of thanks and Club support from his recuperative setting and hopes to rejoin us soon, and Ken Cullen shared information about his very rough week: thousands of dollars of damage to his truck from what he thought was a relatively minor collision with “a box!” and, more importantly, the precarious condition of his female friend, Chris. (Chris has since passed and Ken is “heartbroken”, so please keep him in your list of concerns.)

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”