Newly installed President Phil Holmblade stepped into his role with a smile on his face – whether it was his newfound power or his birthday celebration is unclear, but he seemed to relish this day. He thanked the outgoing officers for their service and asked newly installed Lt. Governor Jack Proffitt to speak about his “ambitions” for this coming year. Jack just kept asking, “Why?” over and over! (In truth, Jack was challenging the 17 members present to attend to the values that attracted us to Optimism in the first place, reiterating a version of a quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson — ‘The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who knows why will always be his boss.’) Mic Goulet volunteered for “50/50″ticket sales, and when Lynn Eastman drew his ticket, returned the money to the Club.

The rest of the meeting consisted of “fine” activities –

  • Mic Goulet proposed a fine against anyone with a birthday today, but $5K Rafflerefused to pass it,
  • Bonnie Kelley& Tina Olshove paid for being “fashionably late”,
  • Jim Reigle was fined for flashing his finery, wearing another Hawaiian shirt,
  • John Losinski paid a fine for prompting other members to think that they missed the daylight savings switchback,
  • Lynn Eastman paid for the cable TV service in the restaurant,
  • Bill Hentgen was fined for his “Plain Jane” appearance,
  • Steve Schlott fined Crys Reed for arriving too late to blow out Phil’s birthday candles,
  • Phil, seeming to age before our eyes, was “beside himself” in fining the President for failure to wear his badge and paid, and
  • Judge Joe Farah paid for lack of loyalty

and announcements:

  • Jim Reigle reports that 30 tickets have not been distributed for the $5K Raffle and he is waiting for the money for sold tickets, threatening to drop 2 foreign exchange students on the doorstep of anyone dropping the ball on getting with him on their status.
  • Joe Farah meets tomorrow with Cathy Cunningham about Atlas Valley food, drink, and sound for the  $5K Raffle.
  • Bill Hentgen had tickets and information on Cultural Center performances (some at area nursing homes) and fund-raisers and reviewed and dispersed these.
  • A card of support and good wishes for Pete and Ellen Venos passed through the Club for signatures and messages.
  • Joe Farah read a communication  from George Kitchen, who remains a trooper and Optimist even through his congestive heart issues, pneumonia, and other setbacks in his health.
  • Please pay your regular membership dues (recent statements sent out).
  • Matt Mrasek‘s wife had eye surgery recently.
  • Board Meeting at Dan Crannie’s office on the 16th.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…