Steven Low and Eric Woodyard were our guests this morning, introduced by David Crabill. Steve is from the Flint Jewish Federation and spoke with us recently about the “Harmony in Humanity” event that is coming up soon. Among the events associated with this multifaceted tribute to deceased journalist Daniel Pearl are several musical workshops and performances, but there is also an essay contest for aspiring journalists (Theme: “Is a Career in Journalism Worth the Risk?”). Eric Woodyard is a local “MLive” writer and novelist who has received awards for his work, and he spoke today about his history, changes in the journalistic field, his opportunities to develop his career in writing, and some of his exciting interactions with such noted sports names as LeBron James and Claressa Shields.

President Peter Venos opened the meeting and asked John Farah to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Greg Hilliker to ask the blessing on the food and meeting. Joe Bushey bought the crown for a pittance and then proceeded to fine the previous wearers for stretching it out. In keeping with the current political trend, Dan Crannie delivered a HUGE check to our former President Jeff Dennings for unspecified reasons. Jack Proffitt paid a fine for repetition, paid a fine for repetition, and President Peter did not even contest a fine for losing control of the meeting. Jim Reigle added to his retirement income with the 50/50 pot, Ron Ballard celebrated a “miracle” cure for his daughter’s cancer, last week’s JOOI Club meeting was reviewed, we discussed the upcoming “$5K Raffle”  plans (Volunteers needed, Please use this Form), and Steve Schlott led the Creed recitation to close out the meeting.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”