Liz Ruediger from Shelter of Flint, & Misty from its affiliate program, One Stop Housing Resource Center, spoke with us today about their work. Shelter of Flint relocated to its present Cedar Street location in 2013, expanding its main operation to over 20,000 square feet. In addition to this facility, where 1400 calls per month are received for services and 70 people can be sheltered, the program has 450 sleeping units available and has over 200 families housed. The program is the only on in the area that can accommodate a single father and his offspring (although this is not the normative population served), and lodgers can be guaranteed a bed in the evening, provided with 3 daily meals, and furnished with a mailbox. (1000 of these are maintained by the program.) There is an expectation that lodgers may or will be gone during the day and help out with chores in the facility, and housing can be provided for up to a year.  A figure of “96% success” in accessing permanent housing is reported, with transportation and storage and replacement of vital documents presenting ongoing challenges to the program and its service recipients. Holiday planning and personal items for residents and cleaning materials for residences are also ongoing resource challenges. (Please contact us or Shelter of Flint http://www.shelterofflint.org/ for a copy of their “Wish List”.)

Our new Favorite President Peter Venos rang the meeting to order for the first time in his new tenure, and the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation were completed before approximately half of our attending members had arrived! After Dan Crannie bought the auctioned crown for a dollar to avoid paying a late arrival fine, Mic Goulet fined George Kitchen for opening his eyes during the prayer and, in turn, paid a fine for having missed a belt loop when dressing this morning. (Note, Patrick Naswell, that Mic only missed one, not ALL!.) Past President Jeff Dennings took a hit for becoming “just another butt in the chair”, and the few fines that were passed and collected by substitute TailTwister Joe Bushey did not amount to enough for Ken Cullen to take with him when Ken won today’s “50/50” pot. Mic Goulet offered to accompany Ken to buy lottery tickets today, since Ken also won a free $5K Dinner ticket with a “Full House” of Kings & Eights in the the “Best Hand” contest. Ron Ballard served as today’s Speaker Chair and introduced our guest speakers to the 17 members attending.

Jeff Dennings awarded Joe Bushey the Optimist of the Year “Ron Polsgrove Award” announced at the Installation Banquet. Jeff also noted that Don Brose from the Grand Blanc Club will be guest speaker and pancakes are on the menu today at the JOOI Club meeting at 2:30 p.m. in Room 509 at Swartz Creek High School. Any members wishing to attend will have to undergo a background check (after today).

Prez Pete says, “SELL!” ($5K Raffle tickets, 35 of which are available!), and Dave Crabill notes that $300 will buy you “a table and a ticket”  if you wish to invite guests to dinner for a fun evening!

Patrick Naswell volunteered to be Speaker Chair for the balance of this month.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”